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OG- White Zombie label redesign

Rebrand for Growth

Well-established Catawba Valley Brewing Company was experiencing continued growth and preparing to expand into new markets. This called for a rebranding. The Pyatts, owners of the company, engaged the creative talents of Owen Graffix to reimagine the brand in a way that maintained continuity with their local roots while establishing a fresh image that would help launch them to the next level.

A fresh twist on their logo was the starting point. A theme that incorporated bright colors, clean design and informative graphics unified the brand across the variety of brew labels. Distinctive icon graphics for each beer created a second level of individual branding for their products. The newly branded Catawba Brewing Company has experienced phenomenal growth, becoming a staple in the craft beer market.

We continue to work with Catawba Brewing Company on a regular basis, providing beer art, labels, tap stickers, web management and merchandise as well as promotional and advertising materials.

The Pyatts, along with their staff at Catawba, have become part of the Owen Graffix family. If you haven’t had a Catawba brew yet, then you need to grab one!

Backing up the original rebranding efforts, Catawba and Owen Graffix continue to explorer and innovate the brand to maintain a level of quality its customers expect. The Catawba core style, while being a pivoting point along with its label iconography, has evolved to its present state and continues its evolution along with this growing brand.


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OG-Can Label design for Catawba Brewing