Managing a successful AdWords campaign is an art in itself.

Don’t be misled. Anyone can turn the key in the ignition of a race car, but it takes a skilled driver and pit crew to win the race. The same is true of online advertising. Google has made it very simple to setup and automate an AdWords campaign, but successful online advertising is only accomplished through the skillful management of an experienced Adwords Certified team of professionals.

Pay-per-click Is Just the Beginning

Paid search ads like AdWords are only one form of online advertising. At Owen Graffix, we integrate our experience in managing pay-per-click campaigns into a comprehensive marketing strategy. An online sales funnel can have many starting points – a search ad, organic search, banner ads, display ads, business listings or social media. Clicks aren’t sales or even leads. It takes well-designed landing pages and websites to draw those visitors down the funnel and convert them into leads or customers.

Online Advertising Services 

At Owen Graffix, we believe effective communication is the key to a strong client relationships. Regular reporting and consultations regarding your marketing campaigns keep you informed and empowered to make decisions which will positively affect your ROI. Below is just a partial list of online advertising services that are available through Owen Graffix.

  • SEO keyword analysis
  • AdWords campaign setup
  • Monthly reporting & management
  • Call tracking on campaigns
  • Retargeting campaigns
  • Google Network display ads
  • Business listings