Logo Design

Art communicates at a subliminal level. 

Design conveys its message in a universal language, one that is understood at the emotional level more than the cognitive. It is this non-cerebral impact that makes art, in all its forms, so powerful. It is also why the Owen Graffix creative team puts such strong emphasis on getting your logo design just right.

Your logo is the key visual component to your brand.

The colors and styling of your logo influence every other visual aspect of your brand. It determines your color palette for your website and other marketing materials. A logo can communicate power, trust, gentleness, energy and much more.

Our design team will seek to understand the essence of your company or organization. They will want to know the details of your target audience – their age, gender, lifestyle values and economic status. What are the needs of the audience that you are trying to reach? What is the unique value that you offer them?

Whether you are a new start-up or it is time for your company to re-brand, Owen Graffix would be honored to work with you in creating your new logo. Give us a call and we’ll get started.

Intuitive Imagination Sets Us Apart

Logo design requires a full comprehension of design elements and what they communicate to the viewer. But it is the intuitive imagination of the designer that is crucial when it comes to creating a design that is totally unique, yet fully captures the core message of your brand.

Owen Graffix excels in the area of logo design. Our customers consistently receive our logo designs with enthusiasm.