The Core Team

Owen Graffix is growing as a creative agency, yet we remain a small boutique operation here in North Carolina. We accomplish this with a small core team that oversees every project. The difference in a core team model verses a full on “staff” is the savings and flexibility it offers our clients. While we are capable of producing the highest quality of work and delivering a quick turnaround time, we are still able to keep our overhead costs low. These savings are passed on to our clients through lower project fees without any reduction in quality or service.

  • OG-Team-Shakey

    Shakespeare / A.K.A. Shakey
    Office Manager

    Our “Office Manager” enjoys barking at the door, sniffing clients, and sitting in laps.

  • OG-Team-Shakey

    Grant Gaither
    Overseer of All

    The master mind of functions, Grant makes sure quality is 100%… all the while emailing and calling clients, directing the team, and creating ads, etc. He’s a catch all for getting things done.

  • OG-Team-Shakey

    Jeremy Prater
    Creator of Awesome

    This guy makes imagination come to life with his artistic abilities. His passion for the creative shows in his work, as new fresh ideas pour from his pen in his illustrations.

  • OG-Team-Shakey

    Isaias Sanchez
    Image+Video Magician

    Isaias is a camera whisperer and drone controller. His love of audio and video have made him a multimedia mastermind. We’re glad we have him on our team so his powers can be monitored and used for good.

  • OG-Team-Jason

    Jason Saul
    Make Web Stuff Happen’er

    Our web guru, Jason, is the magic behind all things web at Owen Graffix. His programming skills and knowledge of the web world make him an essential asset to our team.

  • Adam Lynch
    Ad Conjurer

    A versatile asset, the magical, Adam brings ads to life as well as making brands shine. His conjuring is being monitored for everyones creative safety.

  • OG-Team-Others

    The Others

    Owen Graffix has designers, writers, programmers, coders, printers and many other industry professionals at hand. We partner with the best of the best, only those who meet our high standards of quality, creativity and exemplary customer service. If you are interested in becoming a part of the team please email your resume along with examples of your work using contact details on our contact page.